Minister of Transport Chibuike Amaechi need to do something about this.

I am so pained…. Why the Sabotage

I rushed into the train station at Itakpe Kogi, state at about 1:30pm today, with the fear that I may miss the second and last train for the day.

As I approached the pay point, an armed Police officer signaled another also bearing arm and he beckoned on me to wait, I stopped thinking they had suspected my loggege. He came close to me and said, let me take you into the train and give you a sit without a ticket, just give me a thousand instead of the full ticket fee.

Are you wondering what my response will be? I rejected the offer of course and opted for the ticket but I was angry in my spirit.

I thought of my friend Obukohwo Martin who has since been employed into the NRC courtesy of the revitalized train transportation system, I thought about the entire people this sector have created job for, from the tickets, to the support staff, to the indirect jobs created on the value chain and how easy and convenient it has become to travel. I became more furious in my spirit as I struggled to mutter ” what a sabotage” repeatedly.

This is what endemic curruption has done to is, a people Intentionally sabotaging their future.

I could imagine how many people the police aide to sabotage the system and boycott buying tickets on a daily basis.

I started looking for who to report to, I spoke to a ticketing officer who asked me to look for the station manager. Even they themselves are helpless because the issue has been persistent.

My question is; How do we solve the mess?

When do we stop working against our own progress?

The citizens are the bigger culprit. Why would you not want to pay for the ride? If it was your family business would you accept such?

Let us think about this.