The Director, Army Public Relations, Brig. Gen. Sani Usman, at the close of a two-day media conference in Abuja themed on the military’s enhancement of human rights has asked that people should exercise care about following groups just because of eloquence.

Usman who was making reference to Nnamdi Kanu-the IPOB leader, said it was important not to allow one’s self to be misled.

He said, “I can speak eloquently. So what? If I can speak like him; I can also have my own group, that’s exactly what is happening. So, what is the essence of our education as a people? You know that somebody is in a criminal case, and you believe in him.”

He also said, those alleging that the Army had Kanu in custody were not being straightforward.

According to Usman, “There was an allegation that somebody (Kanu) went into hiding. Now, I can’t remember the day but in an interview on Channels TV, one of Nnamdi Kanu’s younger brothers said that he was in hiding and he knew where he was.

“And one lawyer came up that he has taken the Chief of Army Staff to court. Now, who gave you the brief? You said you do not know where he is. Now, who gave you the brief? And the media is asking us where is Nnamdi Kanu? Why not ask the man that said so who gave him the brief to take people to court when he does not know where the man is?

Usman also described those following Nnamdi Kanu – who has an ongoing trial case, as having entered a one-chance vehicle

He said “…those people following him have entered into a one-chance vehicle. This is somebody standing trial in a criminal case. Sometimes, whether we like it or not, we want to stand against the truth. But no matter how long, the truth will come to pass on October 17. This is an individual without a means of livelihood”