Ease guys, easy! When has PYO become a reprobate? PYO still belongs to the APC fold. Did he sign any “I-will-not-contest” pact with Asiwaju way back? I wonder why people, nay, many of Asiwaju supporters will not take a cue from the same man we claim we support. Haven’t we seen those whom Asiwaju supported but would go ahead to backstab him? Didn’t many of them crawl back to him in penitence? Did he not treat them as prodigal sons and daughters with forbearance and forgiveness? What happens to our omoluabi as Yorùbás?

Osinbajo, for me, is not a betrayal yet. At least not for now. It’s my opinion (emphasis). He may at best be described as a recalcitrant beneficiary of Asiwaju’s benevolence but who chose to play the Akíntọ́lá Ìkẹ́nnẹ́ of the 21st century. That’s even also debatable.

What if Osinbajo’s declaration was a game or a decoy in the long run? Do we all come back to tender our apologies for the plethora of mudslinging and invectives thrown at him? What if it’s not a game, that indeed he wants to run against his ‘political maker’ as it looks? Does it make him less APCist? Of course not. The same way it will not make Káyọ̀dé Fáyẹmí, Rotimi Amaechi, Rochas Okorocha, Yahya Bello less APCists. He has every right to so do. The only thing is a look at it from the moral perpendicularity. It is a moral burden that every omoluabi must uphold against all odds.

If however PYO chooses the latter, I, Omogbolahan L.A. BABAWALE will not campaign for him. I will not denigrate him either. What he will be telling me and many other with discerning minds is that “my religious cloak is a façade. And my omoluabi is questionable as a true-born and thorough-bred Yorùbá scion”. And in that case, all I will do is to emulate my principal candidate, Asiwaju Bọ́lá Ahmed Tinubu who says;

“Even the obstacles on my way, I predict them before those that will bring them will start to think about them. I plan for betrayal, I plan for backstabbing and I also plan for reunion and forgiveness long before they happen. In life, I expect nothing, I expect anything and I expect everything.”

For me, I will rather go with the leader with the above quote and dissipate my energy more on winning more political souls for him rather than engage in needless argy-bargy, rofo-rofo and brickbats o’er a badly-scripted-empty-hall-no-soul-and-poorly-silhouetted declaration. Asiwaju should be our focus, not a paperweight with no threat whatsoever. If however you see my position as being a sellout, well that’s your personal opinion. On Asiwaju mandate, I tanda gìdìgbà for life!

Just musing!

Written by Omogbolahan Kòkúmọ́ BABAWALE.