Chairman, Presidential Advisory Committee Against Corruption, PACAC, Prof. Itse Sagay is one personality who has hit the headlines in the Nigeria media of late.

From his war of words with the National Assembly where he describes the members of the Senate as being without integrity, saying “Our current ruling class, particularly the Senate has no value, no honour, no vision, no integrity, no compassion for the sufferings of fellow Nigerians.

The attachment of ‘Distinguished’ to their name is a horrible bastardization and gross abuse of that term. Now, I reject it with contempt when anyone addresses me with that unfortunate term.”

To his current description of the current APC leadership, where he said in a recent interview “As for the leadership of the APC, I think they are the most unprincipled group of people. They are lily-livered, weak, and cannot run any organisation.”

“The whole party is collapsing under them. They cannot control anybody. Because they cannot control anybody, they’re now in fact encouraging and accepting ‘rogues’. When I say rogues, I don’t mean stealing. In literature, when you say someone is a rogue elephant, it means people who are running riot and destroying the party.

“They’re pampering them, saying: ‘Let’s not annoy them too much’, but they’re destroying the APC house. So, I think the APC leadership is weak, is too compromising and is certainly a failure as far as I’m concerned”

It is obvious that Sagay has an axe to grind with both the Senate and the leadership of the APC. However, the APC leadership has also come out to release a statement where the Professor has been described as a “Rogue Elephant”

It is obvious there is more than meets the eye to the war of words.

What do you think could be the reason for the imbroglio between Sagay, the NASS and the APC leadership?