Former First Lady of Nigeria, Mrs. Patience Jonathan has released a statement to deny ownership of the $12 million in Diamond bank which the EFCC said it traced to her.

The statement also debunked allegations that her Aruera Reachout Foundation was used to launder funds.

Her foundation, she said was a non-profit organisation which had spent more than N3.5 Billion to treat heart-related illnesses in about 700 children and adults.

According to the statement, “Till date, over 700 children have benefited from the Aruera Reachout Foundation, this alone cost the foundation billions, it is not news that the logistics involved in the treatment of heart disease cost over N5m per child.

“This demonstrates the caring and maternal nature of Nigeria’s former first lady. God has used her as an instrument to positively touch the lives of some of our nation’s sick children, to make them healthy and happy through the appropriate medical intervention, it is now strange and sad that the EFCC will allege that such foundation only existed to launder funds.

“The many sick children that would have died but now live a happy life will stand as testament against the baseless propaganda and shameless allegation of the EFCC. It is worthy of note that the foundation which is duly registered by the CAC is free to receive donations from reputable individuals and organisations for its projects just like any other NGO.”

The statement further said the former first lady was not the owner of the $12 Million account domiciled in Diamond Bank that the EFCC said belongs to her.

It said, “For avoidance of doubt Mrs. Patience Jonathan does not have $12,831,173 domiciled in Diamond Bank as alleged by the EFCC. Anyone with proof should provide evidence and take advantage of the whistle-blower policy.”