Ahead of 2019 general elections, the political spectrum seems to be charged up with series of interests cum intra and inter political parties rivalries across the length and breadth of the country.

In the face of mass disappointment and frustration, we are being cajoled by the same set of political players that brought us to where we are today. One constant factor is Chief Olusegun Obasanjo whom most referred to as “Ebora Owu”. He has been conspicuous in the polity with his serial missiles and tantrums thrown at the various successive administrations after his ill-fated and fatally aborted third term reelection bid for 6-year, three terms which was designed to be a retroactive law when passed by the National Assembly, unfortunately he lost and missed his pride of place in history.

Baba Obasanjo first sold the idea of Coalition of Nigeria Movement as a non partisan group, as a bid to get at President Muhammadu Buhari’s maladministration and climaxed state of insecurity and wanton killings, crookedly he got a quantum passive supports, rather than allow space to dictate our destinies, OBJ went about posturing as leader of SDP. After woeful reprisals he settles for ADC, which breaks his initial vow of not transmitting into a political party, proving he lacks the genuine intention and integrity to lead us out of the woods.

OBJ nailed and condemned Goodluck Jonathan as training 1000 snipers and till date all we see is massive destruction of lives and properties by killer herdsmen and terrorists, Baba at that time as the APC Navigator tore his PDP membership card and misled Nigerians to elect Buhari, now he has made a dramatic U-turn against him.

With crocodile tears, his new move to Pa Fasoranti and other Afenifere leaders, he has started another round of his chameleonic drive to railroad Nigerians into another gimmicks of betrayal,

Baba OBJ can no longer be taken serous as a leader worthy to talk us out of our griefs and pains because he is the major harbinger of our travails.

He destroyed our economy and our laws, he did not give room for rule of law to thrive, by squandering over 10Billion Lagos Allocation even when the court gave an order, only to wait for a Yaradua to rescue the situation, more countless damage was done, as heartless as he is, he committed gruesome homicide in Odi and other numerous high profile corruption brazenly manifested during his administration.

OBJ built a world class library and unmerited hiltop empire with state funds and support of cronies at the detriment of health, education, agriculture, power and economy sectors, while ASSU survived on strikes and pains, he deliberately violated the Yoruba Omoluabi culture and principles by sleeping with numerous women including his son’s wife, he went all over the world proving election in nigeria must be do or die bringing in a Maurice Iwu to superintend INEC, he foisted the worst economy on Nigerians, he left our oil in corrupt hands, the 16Billion power project, he shielded Buhari’s PTF scam now blaming it consequences on us.

Too many sins of Ebora Owu yet unknown.

Baba never forgives easily, which has become a tainted trademark of him, his vice president was vilified out of office, for lacking 1% loyalty, he went around granting media interview to prove an act of Omission which he aught to be prosecuted for, by admitting he shielded Alhaji Atiku Abubakar from being investigated by the American government, which has proven disastrous to our sovereignty as a nation.

To this end we implore all Nigerians to avoid the virus bedevilling our development as a nation, especially when Nigerians are clamouring for True Fiscal Federalism via devolution of powers and restructuring agenda pursuit, most regrettably OBJ detest this noble ideology, he was part of the Juntas that foisted the double jeopardy of 1999 constitution on us forcefully, for he tactically invoked Land use Act in to the Constitution, more so we need freedom from the age long militocracy system baton of hopelessness handed down from one government to the next.

Most disrespectful to our intelligence, he concocted a self serving clean bill of health from EFCC in order to prove his innocence before God and man, hence, he enrolled to study theology, Baba cannot change.

Enough is Enough.

Long live YCYW
Long live Federal Republic of Nigeria.

For: Yoruba Council of Youths Worldwide.


Aremo Oladotun Hassan, Esq. President, YCYW.

Asiwaju Samuel Oloyede, Publicity Secretary, YCYW