“We used to call Goodluck Jonathan clueless but I don’t know what to call Buhari. Wednesday made it five months that he won election and it’s about two months that he was sworn in, and even though he assured us he would no longer be ‘baba-go-slow’, one just feels sorry for Nigeria.

Look at what President Paul Kagame is doing in Rwanda. The enthusiasm and dynamism that one expects from a country of this worth have been lacking and when you now have a cabinet of lacklustre mediocre in charge of affairs, you just hang your head in shame.

Quite seriously, I don’t know what Vice President Yemi Osinbajo is still doing there. He is far smarter because I know him; he was my student. A brilliant guy like that should distance himself from mediocrity…. He should not have joined him for a second term.

For me, he has overstayed his welcome and they are even relegating him to the side. I think a brilliant man like Osinbajo should quit and go back to his ministry or law practice. How does he survive in the welter of suffocating mediocrity that you find there?

The Fulani have no little or no regard for him…Quite sincerely, I don’t feel comfortable with what is going on and it’s a very serious indictment if Nigeria can’t throw up a leadership that is superior to what is being offered now. People would just shake their heads and feel pity for us.

We only wish Nigeria well. But the time would come when we would have fit and proper persons. This man can’t move Nigeria anywhere; the country is collapsing under him…

Justice Taslim Olawale Elias was the President of the International Court of Justice, while Prof Thomas Adeoye Lambo was a deputy Director-General at the World Health Organisation. Nigerians have success stories if only we can have enabling environment to self-actualise. Nigerians will make it any day once they have leadership that is inspiring, but I’m sorry Buhari doesn’t inspire many people. He doesn’t show the requisite personae that could spur people on. Even his claim to integrity has one thing because of the nepotistic attitude that he has in terms of appointment…

Yes, things changed and like I said, I refused to vote during these past elections. I voted for him in 2015; I took the trouble to join the queue and voted for him. I thought anything but Jonathan. Jonathan was clueless but now we got a worse person than Jonathan, so I didn’t believe he deserved a second term. Some people taunted me for supporting him but I told them I was extremely sorry. The man is a disappointment and he is severely overrated…”-

©Prof. Akin Oyebode.