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The dreadful trend of human trafficking has been on the corridors for years with all efforts to curb it appearing impossible than abortive, either due to lack of will, wrong mathematical statistics or sabotage.

The damage this has caused our country is inestimable, not because it isn’t obvious, but because the ones we hear or see is just a tip of an iceberg compared with the numberless unaccounted for.

The news in every life-loving human some days back was of the recent realization of quite a number of female carcases. The bodies of twenty six young Nigerian women were proved to have been recovered after being drowned out of life in the Mediterranean Sea.

Speaking with a pain equivalent to that experienced at child birth, the woman leader, Miss Oluwatoyin Yemisi Oyewole described It as very disheartening and tragic to hear of 26 Nigerian women (girls), who got drowned in the Mediterranean sea. “These are Women who should represent and build our future generation. This has been happening for years too long and has been claiming the lives of our innocents” she said.

Mentioning some factors that would be helpful in treating this national disaster, Mrs. Oluwatoyin pointed out the roles of Moral values.

In her words, she disclosed that moral values is one of the factors to be considered if our mothers are to train our young ones to be contented with whatever they have and not encourage the wards to embark on such a dangerous journey of no return. “Twenty six lost lives is a life too many to lose and for what? Nigerian Government, this is a wakeup call for you to change your non-challant attitude towards the welfare of your Citizen.

Urging the most related governmental organizatios and agencies, she advised the department of women affairs to rise up to their task and purpose to help in empowering the youths, developing them in occupational and vocational careers where they can be trained to be self-sufficient.

“The present government is interested in the wellbeing of the people, it is time we all rise to support its course. Our immigration Service should help mount control points at all our borders and boundaries. This would not just save lives but also raise the National safety and security”. She said this as she silently prayed against sabotage of corruption.

This atrocious and baneful trade has so much bastardised the country’s reputation that wherever you see five black prostitutes in Europe, it would be assumed that three are from Nigeria and of these three, two would definitely be from Edo state. This is an eyesore to the nation and a disgrace to her name. Something drastic and radical must be done and quickly.

Finally she said, “it is high time we’d began to form organizations back home that would look into these devious issues and develop methods and proactive approach to deal with it as It has not only taken lives of future mothers but also has tarnished the good name which Nigeria once had overseas”.

In her conclusion, she suggested that an official report should be made to the Royal Thrones in each state, a call to the incumbent Governor of the States, the State house of Assembly and well-meaning Nigerians to come-up with scrutiny measures, either by laws, edicts or regulations in order to eradicate this menace called human-trafficking.

This is an earnest plea to community and territorial rulers, particularly to his Royal Majesty, the Oba of Benin under whose territories these girls are carted away, into the hot sun of the Sahara desert to die in the depth of the open Sea across to Europe, to please use their traditional stool as the Custodian of the people of Edo state to stop and lock down the perpetrators of this despicable act by all means possible.

Also, she recommended that all hands must be on deck to stop this cartel that are specialized in taking the lives of thousands of innocent Nigerian girls all in the name of making wealth. The state governments of each state, most especially the states that has been stigmatised by this act must be taken into account and their stewardship must come into question. The royal fathers in these states must be called to duty as well.

The parents of these wards that lost their lives must be called to answer why they allowed their girls embark in these journey that has no return route.

By The convener,
Women leader, Miss Oluwatoyin Yemisi Oyewole.
APC Spain chapter.