Senator Stella Oduah has said that reports that she bought a house valued at $1.2 Million in England during her tenure as Minister of Aviation were false.

Oduah said “It is unfortunate that we have a country where journalists will copy a story without verifying the authenticity of that story.

“When you read my statement on it later, then it will be for you to make up your mind. But, categorically it is untrue and it is unfair,’’ she said.

The Senator further said, the same false reports had been carried before about her that she bought bullet proof cars.

She said “They were two vehicles that were on hired purchase by the agency and the ministry directed that because of the need as proposed by the agency, they should go ahead and do the hired purchase.

“Suddenly, for the online medium, hired purchase turned into procurement; I don’t know if there is a similarity between hired purchase and procurement.

“So, I now realise and symphatise with anybody that works or tries to work for government, because you will have the likes of Sahara Reporters thrive on making your life difficult.

“I rise above that at all times because I know that what they say is never the truth, particularly on my case, it is not true.

“It cannot be true; why will I purchase vehicles on hired purchase and then it is on the ministry’s and agency’s name, why?

“That same vehicle, I never drove it for one day and when I was leaving the ministry, I didn’t take it along with me?

“The question should be `where are those bullet proof cars today?” she said.

Oduah blamed the negative reports on persons who were unhappy with her efforts to revive the nation’s aviation industry when she served as the minister.