What is special about the Covid 19 strain of the Corona virus? Nothing really, except that It may interfere with breathing if it manages to reach the human lungs and this may eventually result in death.
One thing that makes this virus vulnerable is the lucky fact that before the virus reaches the lungs, it spends 4 days in quarantine  within the upper respiratory tract. Mostly in the nose and upper part of the throat.

I’m not afraid of the Covid-19 and these are my reasons:
Covid-19 belongs to a group of viruses called The Corona SARS virus.
Covid – 19 is not really new to our commune, Its cousins have been living with humans for decades.
Along with other types of virus called the Rhinovirus, many strains of Corona virus have co-existed with humans till date including  (HCoV) OC43, 229E, NL63, HKU1.  We know them as the flu virus and they have been infecting the human respiratory tracts for decades.

The Covid- 19 strain of the Corona virus happens to be the new kid on the block though and because  humanity is yet to develop global immunity against it, It seems logical that some people will succumb to its virulence.
When the influenza virus first appeared amongst humans in 1918 it also killed many people but it soon became relatively tame as humans collectively developed immunity against it.
This is perhaps the same pattern Covid-19 will follow. It may never really disappear completely but we may learn to live with it without suffering much casualties.

We know that Covid-19 enters the body through the nose and mouth but it REMAINS LOCKED DOWN in the nose and throat area for 4 days before it begins to descend into the lungs where it is most harmful.

During.the 4 days during which it lodges within the upper respiratory tract, the virus may be most vulnerable. It may be attenuated or killed using the same protocols that have been used successfully to combat the flu virus.
This seems logical to me because even though each corona virus strain affects the body differently, they are all likely to share a common vulnerability to the same attacking agents.

If the virus happens to be killed or attenuated while resting in the upper respiratory tract, it wouldn’t reach the lungs therefore it may not have the opportunity to kill anyone.

Because no active prevention remedy has been provided by healthcare authorities worldwide for the treatment or protection against this virus apart from the suggestion for everyone to wear masks, sanitize their hands and avoid close contact with others, I have had to ponder what I would personally do to protect myself better against the Covid-9 virus.

This story is not a prescription for the eradication of the Corona Virus. Neither is it a suggestion for anyone to follow. Rather, it represents what I would do in order to daily protect myself against the Covid-19 strain.
Everyone may do what they wish in this regard.

My preferred approach towards managing Covid -19 is premised upon its shared characteristics with other Corona viruses.
Ive treated flu in myself and others for decades. In all those years, no prescribed medication that I tried gave me a fraction of the joy I got from using my herbs.
Because I’ve successfully terminated flu infections in the past using this same protocol, logic suggests that whatever attenuated or killed its cousins should also kill Covid-19.

This is what I do to ward off the flu virus :
I collect:

1. Six or more peeled Garlic cloves.

2. One peeled medium sized fresh Ginger (or) 1 teaspoon of its dry powder.

3. One medium sized Lemon or Lime (chopped with the whole skin)

4 Half a teaspoon of Turmeric powder.

5. A sprinkle of black Pepper.


I chop or blend all ingredients.

I add the mixure to 2.5 cups of water in a pot.

I set the pot on the stove to boil.

As soon as it starts to boil, I lower the heat and start inhaling the rising steam while covering my head with a towel. I do this for 5 minutes and then stop.

I Pour some of the mixture into a cup to drink later. (I often add a little honey)

I replace the pot on the low heated stove and cover my head over the steam for a further 5 minutes.

I repeat 3 times daily for 4 days to manage active flu or once daily as a prophylaxis when needed.

If I practice this protocol daily, I expect to remain safe from the Covid-19 virus.
This is what I would do to protect myself.


Most viruses incliding Rhinovirus and the Corona virus strains are destroyed at temperatures above 30° Celsius.

Inhaling hot steam under a blanket caries the steam/ vapour at higher than 30° Celsius into the nose and throat where the virus would hide for the first 4 days within the human body. This method has worked against other Rhino and other Corona virus strains so I have no reason to doubt its effect on the Covid 19 strain.

The inhaled vapour is enhanced with the addition of very potent herbs all of which have both anecdotal and documented antiviral properties.

The essential healing oils in these herbs are released through heat into the water vapour that is being inhaled. These healing elements not only enter the nose, mouth and throat where the would make direct contact with any virus lodged there, they also flow into the lungs from where they would enter into the bloodstream.

How do these herbs fair under scrutiny :


Garlic is perhaps the most powerful member of the cocktail.
The use of garlic as good and  healthcare dates back to thousands of years. Almost every culture on earth uses garlic in one form or another.
Apart from its many benefits, Garlic is a powerful antimicrobial. It is known to kill an impressive range of human pathogens including Bacteria, Viruses and Fungi.
It also tends to thin the blood which may be of concern to anyone taking anticoagulants.
It is said to have antidepressant properties, it boosts energy and is a good source of vitamin C.
Garlic is also a very powerful antioxidant  and guess what? Its also likely to boost your libido and enhance the quality of your orgasm while at it.
Attributes of garlic are well documented in scientific journals and may also be found within a library of anecdotes.
The amount of time required to achieve each of its claimed outcomes may vary from person to person.
I personally love garlic. I simply revere its potency.
Garlic is a powerful warrior. It takes no chances with its duties. It fights microbes on all viable terrains.
1. On Land(By direct contact);
2. On Sea.(Through the Bloodstream) and
3. In the Air.(Through its vapour).
I doubt if there is a single virus on earth that can survive a direct contact with the essence of garlic.

But how do I live with the smell?
To temporarily mask Garlic breath, I chew a single coffee bean when needed.  It suppresses the garlic odour for a reasonable length of time.

Eating raw garlic is easy for me. I do it all the time. I either mix it with its best friend Honey as a sandwich spread or mix it into my food. Foods like rice and stew dishes work best for me.

Some smart academics also shared their experience with garlic :


B.) I have experienced the health benefits of the all the other herbs I use in my cocktail and there is a correlation between my experience and what some scientists have discovered about them :




– Dr. Wale Sodade, a medical Practitioner based in South Africa