Prof. Wole Soyinka has said the government has through negligence, carelessly allowed insecurity to reach alarming levels in the nation.

The Nobel laureate said this while playing host to 85 children drawn from different parts of the country who came to felicitate with him on the occasion of his 85th birthday.

The esteemed professor in response to one of the questions asked by the children said, “Look at what is happening today, how is it possible for me to say for instance that I am pro this government, it is being negligent, look at what is happening with the cattle all over the place. That is a security issue which should never have reached this level.

“I am sure that carelessness and single act which has resulted in hundreds of people being massacred in their farms and their farms taken over; it has wiped away a lot of the positive achievements of the government.

“It is an issue that is so serious and which concerns the welfare of you and me that any carelessness or any failure there is totally unforgivable and unpardonable. It is not that one likes to criticise for the sake of criticising; no! It is just that we believe that there is a minimal level which any government which has been elected to power must achieve to be considered a true representative of the people. So, I am afraid I am waiting for you to grow up and become president.”