Nigerian King That Build School with No School Fees, Free Hostel, Free Food, and Even Teaches There.

At Abolarin College in Oke-Ila, Osun State, students admitted pay NO school fees; enjoy free hostel accommodation, food, internet, uniform,  laptop for every child with 24 hours power supply, all these expenses are paid by the town’s king. What is the most interesting is that the king teaches too in the school.

What makes this school remarkable is that one major criteria for admission is being poor and ready to learn. If your parents are rich, you cannot get admission. King Abolarin encourages talented poor kids to have opportunities to excel in life. If you are poor but brilliant, the king will admit you!

King Abolarin ready for Teaching work

The king believes poor brilliant kids should also be given equal opportunities in the Society by having access to quality education. The king himself has a masters in law, he also teaches in the school.

For King Abolarin, it does not  matter the religion, tribe  or race, it is about less privileged children in the society willing to be educated should be given the chance like other Children.

Oba Abolarin Standing with Awo’s Statue

Many of those kids previously hawked pepper, sachet water, fruits etc. Some of these children had gone through various difficult life challenges before they got admission to this school.

Notable Kings and Emirs in Nigeria may have more money and resources than this king but are wasted on cars and even Private jets as competition among them but King Abolarin is different, he cherish humanity than things made of wood and metals.

For a nation to be great her citizens must also be ready to contribute towards her greatness, let us do our bits for a better tomorrow.

*Bola Babarinde