Curvy actress Moyo Lawal who’s best known for flaunting her huge backside and boobs on Instagram at random, has reminisced on a role she played in a movie, where she transformed into a weird soul, describing the experience as her “guilty pleasure.”

The actress confessed that playing such roles in movies make her even happier.

Sharing her experience in a post on Instagram, the screen diva said she stopped playing such horrifying roles in movies because of the fact that people wouldn’t believe she was acting. But this year, she has decided to experiment again, and she’s loving it.

“Becoming someone completely makes me even happier. If you ever saw my earlier catalog, you will see lots of exaggeration such as brows, dressing, speech etc. But then, I realized that people didn’t want to accept I was acting. Then , I will see comments like ooh , so she can look nice, she even speaks well . So, I stopped !! Since it is like you, people don’t want to understand that it is acting.

“However, this year , I decided to experiment again. And I totally loved it. Becoming ‘Feturi’ with scattered teeth was super difficult and I had a lot of cuts but totally worth it… “ the curvy actress wrote on IG.

Lawal said the film titled, “Life is Good” is being produced by Something Unusual Studios.

According to her, “I can’t wait to see the beautiful ‘ugliness’ that @i_am_nodash created , come alive on screen.” The actress began her acting carer, after starring in the TV series, “ Shallow Waters” in which she played the role of Chioma in the TV series.