I read through and conclude even before it was known to me that the piece was written by Femi Fani-Kayode that the author must be personally bitter about something, either about Osinbajo, Buhari, the present administration or just took a cheap drug.

At the end I may be right! FFK is a known jester with history of talk first and think later; a man without value; a man that is proud of stealing, while appointed to serve his father land, and, a man that never saw wrong in outright pillage of our commonwealth by PDP gangsters led by his hero Jonathan.

What is good about CAN as presently constituted? A fraternity that used to fight for ordinary man and woman, including the welfare of Children; an organisation that was fearless in criticising even the military junta to do the right thing, but which now, became apologist for looters. Wicked assholes!

Wouldn’t it be stupid for the VP to criticise the present government while he is still part of it? To raise such as the VP’s weakness, is to display the shallowness of FFK’s reasoning faculty, which many view with askance!

The VP can complain within the structure; he can effect desired changes, but, not openly condemn the government to which he is a formidable member, unless he is ready to leave, and so, criticise it from without. FFK’s charade therefore, as rationally expected, makes no sense to me.

On a final note, FFK rants always whenever he is high on substance! What do you expect from a man that was unable to be rehabilitated for excessive use of drugs; a betrayer like his father; a highly unprincipled individual; a man that insults anyone while drunk, only to apologise later, when sobered!

FFK openly claimed he slept with Ojukwu’s wife; he identified with Kanu, and, proclaimed him as his hero. But, when the young man ran away, he kept mute! Shouldn’t he have advised Kanu on alternatives open to him in his agitation? But the truth however, and unfortunately so, is that FFK is a drowning man who, every available straw, means a life saver to! FFK is bereft of understanding, and particularly, wisdom! Don’t forget, a man cannot give what he lacks.

I think I dissipated too much energy on this idiot! He is not worth the ink of my pen; he is a bastard Yoruba generation. Please ignore FFK and his generational buffoonery!