Living with HIV virus is not a death sentence as the way you think. You can keep the ailment at bay by taking medication alongside using certain herbs.

Most herbs have anticancer properties and thus you are advised to incorporate them in your daily diets.

Just to mention a few, here are the best herbs that fight hiv virus as highlighted


It has massive benefits due to their antioxidants. Reports indicate that turmeric can suppress HIV virus to some point. This particular herb helps in boosting the immune system hence masking the body against entry of pathogens.

Neem leaf

The herb has been used by man for centuries to cure various ailments. It has a wide range of health benefits including edging off HIV virus. On the same note, this particular herb helps the body produce white blood cell that play protective roles. The infusion is prepared by boiling neem leaves in a sufuria containing water for a couple of minutes.


Reports indicate that these plants have medicinal value. Apart from their dental role, they have been found to play a wonderful role in suppressing the virus as well. Prepare tea from the leaves or extract.

Therefore, make sure you incorporate it in your daily meals.


It is also herb that is assorted with several health benefits. The herb has anticancer roles and therefore it can be used in quelling the virus. Garlic can be added in food directly.