Dr. Gbujie Daniel Chidubem, clearly is one of leading trailblazing global Climate Advocate, and climate crisis solution inventor from Africa, as quoted by a top global US-based media firm known for publishing the financial news and other news the Business Insider, in their September 24th, 2019 edition written by journalist Hilary Brueck

This Nigerian-trained Oral Surgeon from South-Eastern part of Nigeria, is on the national, global and Continental radar as one of positive influencers in the struggle to address the looming climate crisis and establishing sustainable development goals along with world leaders, international multilateral agencies, civil society and other youths across the global

Gbujie received the Astrax Medallion Award 2019 from Mr. Taichi Yamasaki, the CEO of ASTRAX Japanese-based Space company, the CEO who is also a commercial astronaut while Speaking at the Astrax Award ceremony held as a side event in Walter E Washington Convention Center in Washington, D.C. during the 27th session on Space Technology for Socio-Economic Benefits on the 20th of October 2019. He stated that Dr. Gbujie was recognized by Astrax for his tremendous contributions to creating climate solutions concepts using space-based technology along with his group Team54Project unique ways they work towards reversing the climate crisis.

From our finding Gbujie’s created a concept called “SpaceClime” which is expected to be developed as a mobile Application that aims to address the environmental challenge using the knowledge of Spacebased technology to address the critical area like climate disaster risk reduction and build adaptive capacity within communities.

The “SpaceClime Concept” won the United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs (UNOOSA) international Competition challenge for 2019, it was aimed at engaging global citizens especially youth to finding ways that space-based technology can be used to power and achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

”SpaceClime” idea is a modification of an earlier award winning climate concept called ”RepClime” created by me while working with other members of my group, the SpaceClime concept was modifications had the help of my team that comprises of Dr. Ezioma Gbujie and Milica Milosev a volunteer staff of my organization, our goal has been to take climate actions by finding ways to reverse the trend and using technology in a digital age way one way we know was key,” said Gbujie

The excited Astrax boss was equally glad of the UN global competition because he believed that it truly showcased wonderful Space-Based innovative works done by non space actors , many of them like “SpaceClime” which leverages on how space-based platform can be used to promote climate solutions”. He said

Mr Taichi said ”As a delegate and speaker at the 2019 International Astronomical Federation conference, I was so impressed about the passion and determination and overall outstanding contributions that Gbujie displayed throughout the conference they were focused on the peaceful use of space-based technology, to solve earthly challenges, and clearly is what our company stands for and at Astrax we will support his work to help him achieve his goals, ”. He said

The International Astronautical Congress (IAC), the official organizer of the conference brought the Vice President of the United States of America Mr Mike Pence with thousands of space-technology experts, relevant stakeholders and non-space actors like Dr Gbujie who were sponsored and invited to share, connect with donors who can support their innovative ideas.

” I want to appreciate the entire management staff of Astrax for the recognition, I look forward to the various agreement reached especially the one from an Astrax partnering organization who have reached out ”Smile Donation ” run by Mr Hayaki Tsuji , who doubles as the chairperson of the World Space Week Executive Committee, we are ready to work with organizations interested in the establishment of the Sustainable Development Goals especially in the area of Climate solution, ” Gbujie Said .

Gbujie insist that for mankind to make progress or succeed in addressing our global challenges, citizens must come together and demand the effective use of our planetary resources, he says it’s the spirit of collaboration especially with advanced technology like with does of the global space community that is what will help mankind make the giant leap to securing a greener future.

I caught up with him during the United Nations General Assembly in September 2019 , where he was invited by the UN Secretary General Antonio Guttieres to speak and participate in fashioning ways to gavinize global citizens and government officials on the importance of taking action.

The difference between Gbujie and many of the climate activists around is that he articulates his position and actually finds ways to solve the climate solutions and he has no doubts about what to do next to protect his planet and aside from all that publicity and he is not relenting and he is constantly organizing and creating climate solution content that has inspired millions across the globe.

Gbujie is the founder of a US based climate solution group , with members scattered across every continent that’s another reason why global stakeholders may want to keep an eye on this young man.

We really have to handle the climate change as a global emergency and thanks to inspir by wonderful work of earth warriors like Gbujie, Greta Thunberg who was named 2019 Time Person of the Year few days ago and climate advocates all over the globe who remind us our obligation as stewards of earthly resources.

It is the desire of most global citizens that world leaders avoid the attempts to politicize genuine climate crisis because the real danger comes when there is no sincere commitment but world leaders pretend that there is or deny the existence of a global climate crisis which may lead to a disastrous end for future generations.

I would appreciate if we can take a step back to reflect on our actions especially as we enter a new decade, which clearly will define our future, we clearly have not to lose by taking action now for a sustainable future.

The article was written by Mr. Dunleavy Paul an eco-journalist from New York