The First Storey building in Nigeria. An Igala military tower, Idah, Kogi state.

It is believed that the storey building in Idah was built 629 years ago in the year 1391, while that in Badagry was built 176 years ago 1845.

It was then concluded that the storey building of the Igala nation in Idah is the first storey building in Nigeria, and not the one in Badagry built 176 years after.

Before the colonization of Africa by the Europeans, Igala kingdom had its own organized governing structure which covers Justice, economy, security, entertainment, and many other aspects that makes up a nation.

The Igala security comprises of Navy, Soldiers, and local Police.

As part of military tactics, the first storey building in Nigeria was constructed centuries ago in ancient Idah. This security tower was built in the Attah of Igala’s palace to monitor the four cardinal points direction of the palace against enemies.

Is has been known that no enemy takes Idah nor Igala nation unaware without being spotted from afar, and then prevented.

The tower is called Odo-ogo, which translates to “the wall beside the deep valley”.