Presidential Candidate for The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Alhaji Atiku Abubakar has cried out against alleged plans of “unscrupulous and anti-democratic elements to contrive skirmishes in the coming weeks aimed at smearing his personality”.

He made this assertation in a statement released by his Media Adviser, Paul Ibe on friday, saying “We wish to blow the whistle as an early warning alert of the grandiose scheme being put together by some unscrupulous elements aimed at jeopardizing the reputation of Abubakar in the coming days and weeks.

“By the merit of what is beginning to unfold, there are plans to create some upset across the country, whereby alleged perpetrators of such crimes will engage in phantom names dropping of Abubakar and some senior personalities in the PDP.’’

According to the Mr. Ibe, some elements are preparing to plant fake stories about about Atiku and the PDP in mushroom media outlets as a smear campaign.

As a result of their findings, Mr. Ibe said “It, therefore, becomes preponderant that we alert the public of this demonic plan and to say that it will be imprudent to compromise the peace and security of Nigerians in order to score a cheap political goal.”

In the statement, he also called on the Federal Government to also bridle senior members of the administration who were making comments aimed at tarnishing Atiku’s image.