Chairman of All Progressives Congress, South Africa Chapter was part of a press conference held recently in Johannesburg, South Africa, below was party position as addressed by Hon. Bola Babarinde, the Chapter Chairman.

Our electoral system seem fraught with certain challenges. Perhaps the long years of militarization has reduced the rate at which we have developed the electoral process.

First, the ways and manners in which Party Primaries are conducted had lots of flaws and can be improved in future, there’s a desperation to win at all cost by most politicians and this should be discouraged. If election into office is about service, why should we be too desperate about it?

Secondly, the political Parties need to be tolerant, politics is a game, just like in any sport, e. g. soccer, the losers need to congratulate the winners.

Thirdly, the government should not undermine importance and contribution of the Diaspora in the scheme of things in Nigeria. Diaspora contributes over USD 12 billion annually to the Nigerian economy, and sometimes we see things in a different light as nationals living outside the shore of the country. Politicians within the country should not compete with diasporans as they can only complement the efforts within the country and not be in competition, we are definitely for better Nigeria.

In addition, voting in Diaspora is what the National Assembly should make a reality, Nigerian outside should have a say in how Nigeria will be greater than today. Being outside the shore does not make us less Nigerians. Disenfranchising someone due to his location is illegal and when much smaller economy can address this, it is a shame that Nigeria still lag behind in this area.

Finally, we as diasporans support the present government’s effort at fighting corruption, our main problem, we strongly believe that this should not be partial but wholly and no sacred cow should be spared. Giving this government another 4 years will proof that we only need oppositions to assist in constructive criticism for better governance not to change a performing constituted authority.

We must realise that Nigeria was fractured for a long time, even beyond the ascension of PDP in 1999, and three and a half year cannot be enough for reparation of those damages. We need to contribute ideas for development, show genuine interest in the nation, promote inclusiveness and avoid becoming social media bulldogs. Our nation should be prioritized beyond any and every individual. A thriving nation will promote individual welfare. Let us get Nigeria working again. Most importantly we need LOVE in our society, definitely love is lacking if not why should leaders deprive the followers of basic things of life while their families and friends lives in splendour.