AC Milan and Inter Milan used to be one club but split due to a dispute in the early 20th century.

AC Milan also known as Association Calcio Milan was founded as Milan Foot-Ball and Cricket Club in 1899. But in 1908, there was a disagreement amongst its members regarding the signing of foreign players.

Those who were in favor of such transfer dealings split from the club to form a new entity known as Internazionale Milano (Inter Milan).

Both football clubs play home games at same stadium – San Siro in Milan and the derby matches ( football matches between two city rival clubs) are terrific and tough, widely known as one of the best derbies in the world.

Even though both teams share the same stadium ( San Siro), they choose and preferred rival kit sponsors and always had to spend on rebranding the stadium for their home games. Only few players have played for both clubs as they hardly do direct business with each other.

Fascinating and astonishing rivalry between these two clubs in an enthralling and enticing city of Milan.

Bello Akinkunmi Yakub